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Here at Alpha Medical Clinic we strive to educate our patients as best we can about our products and services so they can make the best decision concerning their treatments. We are very proud and excited to introduce this technology to our patients.

Q: What is the difference between TriPollar, mono-polar and bi-polar RF?

A: Mono-polar, the first generation of RF technology, uses one electrode to deliver electrical energy and a return pad connected to the leg or back to close the electrical circuit. The electric current passes through a large part of the body so that there is no control over the depth of penetration and area affected.

The next generation, Bi-polar technology, uses two electrodes on the treatment applicator, with the current flowing between the two electrodes. This confines the treatment area somewhat, but still does not achieve effective treatment focus.

Since both Mono-polar and Bi-polar RF technologies are not focused, they usually require higher energy levels to achieve clinical results. The high energy heats the skin that is near the electrodes. This can cause pain and a higher risk of burns and skin damage. In addition, these older technologies require cooling mechanisms to mitigate these risks, which result in less efficient heating of the skin layers.

With TriPollar RF technology, controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes, centered between them, and limited only to the treatment area. This focused energy delivery results in improved treatment efficacy that provides immediate visible results from the 1st treatment. The treatment is painless and pleasant because of the relatively low power needed.

Q: Can we combine TriPollar treatments with other treatments?

A: The decision to combine the TriPollar treatment with other modalities should be based on individual patient results. The secondary treatment should be performed only after complete healing has occurred. The general recommendations for combination treatments based on feedback gathered from practitioners are:

  1. Invasive/ablative procedures such as: plastic surgery, liposuction, deep peeling, laser resurfacing: 1-3 months or until complete healing has occurred.
  2. Botox: 2 weeks.
  3. Natural fillers: 3-4 weeks.
  4. Mesotherapy: depends on formulation and skin healing rate.
  5. Superficial/ light peels, AHA and BHA: 2 weeks.
  6. Fractional laser: 1 month or until complete healing.
  7. Ultrasound, LED devices: 24 hours.
  8. Laser, IPL procedures: 1-2 week.
  9. Synthetic fillers, gold/plastic threads: not recommended to combine

Q: Can a TriPollar treatment be performed every day?

A: Clinical trials conducted by Pollogen found that optimal results are obtained when there is a one week interval between treatments. If the intervals need to be adjusted, the minimum time between treatments should be four days and the maximum time should be two weeks.

Other RF manufacturers and clinical papers may claim different intervals. However, Pollogen has found treating at one week intervals yields the best treatment results. If the interval is too small, the skin is too sensitive and as a result the operator reduces the power settings and optimal results are not achieved. Since the treatment activates internal processes that continue after the treatment, it is best to allow at least four days before performing another TriPollar treatment.







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