Unlike surgery that leaves scars, laser leg vein removal uses laser light to constrict blood vessels in the legs, causing the veins to visibly disappear. It’s a simple, clinically proven procedure for reducing the appearance of spider veins on your legs that gets you back on your feet quickly — and gets your legs back to their youthful appearance with ease. Laser treatment for leg veins minimizes the appearance of:•    leg veins
•    spider veins on the leg
•    reticular veins (bluish-colored)Rely on laser leg vein treatment for:

•    Excellent results for spider and reticular veins
•    Noninvasive vein treatment for leg veins
•    Short procedure time (often less than 30 minutes)
•    Minimal side effects and no downtime

Many different vascular imperfections can appear on your face, preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) vessel treatment gives you one convenient solution to treat them all — quickly and with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Pulses of light target and erase broken vessels at the surface of your skin without harming surrounding tissue. As a result, you enjoy clearer skin that looks younger and fresher.Laser or IPL vessel treatment can erase:•    spider veins
•    broken vessels
•    telangiectasiasTake years off your face with laser or IPL vessel treatments that deliver:•    Fast, easy removal of broken vessels and spider veins
•    Comfortable, convenient facial treatment sessions
•    Rapid recovery with no downtime
•    Non-surgical vessel treatment that’s ideal for all skin types

Light-based rosacea treatment can reduce rosacea redness and “flushing” to reveal clearer, more natural-looking skin in just a few easy treatments, practically pain-free — providing a more effective result than topical creams. Light-based rosacea treatment can effectively reduce:•    Rash, redness, and flushing
•    Acne-like papules, pustules, and patches
•    Rosacea swelling, inflammation, and discomfortRosacea treatments use pulses of light to target and treat the blood vessels responsible for the chronic redness that appears on your skin. Once the vessels responsible for the rosacea are treated, the redness and rash can disappear. Best of all, rosacea treatment can provide skin tone improvement by diminishing the appearance of broken blood vessels and acne-like breakouts associated with this common skin condition.Oral medication and antibiotics for rosacea treatment can have systemic side effects and can take weeks to be effective. Medication-based treatments can also be dangerous for women who are pregnant or nursing. Light-based treatment for rosacea is a targeted remedy that affects only the blood vessels without harming healthy skin, so it may be a good alternative to creams and oral medications.It also works quickly—sessions may take less than 30 minutes and you may see visible improvement after your very first treatment.Embrace the advantages of light-based rosacea treatment, including:
•    Fast, easy treatment sessions with little-to-no discomfort
•    Comfortable sessions that can take 30 minutes or less
•    Excellent results with little-to-no recovery time

Orlando Vein Treatments at Alpha Medspa


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We are your home for Orlando's vein treatment. Our Fotona spectrum Nd:YAG laser is ideally suited to the treatment of a whole range of unsightly veins in all skin types. The Nd:YAG wavelength is strongly absorbed in hemoglobin yet can penetrate deeply enough to treat even the deepest and largest of unsightly veins. The versatility of parameter setting ensures maximum treatment efficiency and speed and the minimum of patient discomfort.VSP-shaped Nd:YAG--Ideal Vascular Lasers
To accomodate to the broad spectrum of absorption characteristics of skin, we use the Nd:YAG laser for vascular and pigmented lesion treatments. The homogeneously absorbed Nd:YAG laser penetrates deeper into the skin and is perfectly suited for treating both superficial and larger, deeper vascular lesions.The Fotona laser systems supported scanners cover large skin areas with a unique, random pattern of optimal laser spots, keeping and improving patient comfort levels and avoiding excessive laser light scattering for unmatched efficacy and accuracy. The patient is provided with a fast, safe, effective and comfortable hair reduction treatment with a level of ease-of-use you deserve.

Orlando-ScleroTherapyDepending upon the size of the vein, this type of treatment may be used as a solution to the problem. In this case, a chemical solution is injected into the targeted vein to collapse it. This flushes the blood out and seals the vein to prevent a sequential filling of blood.

Orlando-Surgical-Vein-TreatmentThis treatment is usually reserved for the larger and more problematic vein issues. Here the vein(s) are actually surgically removed. Once removed there may be a cauterization or ligation which stops the ability for new blood to flow back into the area.




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